The Details

A New Downtown Neighborhood

Project Details

  • 1 Corner Bakery Site  
  • 2 Office Depot Site  
  • 3 IKEA Site  
  • 4 N San Fernando Blvd and The Plaza  
  • 5 San Fernando Promenade
  • 6 Chevy’s/California Pizza Kitchen Site  
1 2 3 4 5 6

The Burbank Town Center Plan

In 1989 the Burbank City Council approved plans for the development of the Burbank Town Center mall and adjacent parcels. This project would amend those plans, proposing far less development than what was originally approved for the site. The result will create a new vibrant neighborhood in Downtown Burbank with a variety of living options, new neighborhood-serving retail and restaurants, and a central gather place for area residents, employees, and visitors.

The facts about the Burbank Town Center Plan...

Density Allowed


dwelling units per acre
3,244 units total

Far Allowed

2.5 FAR

Building Height



Density Proposed*


dwelling units per acre
1,165 units total

Far Proposed*

0.90 FAR

Building Height



*Proposed density and FAR are for the most intense options

A New Downtown Neighborhood

The relocation of IKEA and our plans to invest in renovating the Burbank Town Center present an opportunity to create a new Downtown Burbank neighborhood in keeping with the city’s vision for Downtown as outlined in the Burbank 2035 plan.


Life at Burbank Town Center

Life at Burbank Town Center will feature a variety of living options with 801 multi-family homes at 600 N. San Fernando Blvd. on the former IKEA site, 271 apartments at the Office Depot site on Third Street, and 101 micro-units at 800 N. San Fernando Blvd.—new housing in the right location that encourages walking and with good public transit connections.


A Fresh Retail Experience

A significant investment in the Burbank Town Center will bring upgrades to the retail inside and out, by opening up the Magnolia Boulevard entrance with outdoor dining components and by focusing leasing efforts on family, fashion and entertainment tenants. Plans also include an outdoor open space featuring pedestrian walkways, landscaping and open space for community events like farmer’s markets and outdoor movie screenings. The result will create a fun, safe, walkable gathering place for everyone to enjoy.