Hey Burbank – Slow Down!

Hey Burbank – Slow Down!

Speed Limits Reduced Around All Burbank Schools to 15 Mph – this includes the streets around the Town Center!

The Burbank community, the City, Police Department, and the Burbank Unified School District are committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment for everyone near school campuses. As part of this commitment, the speed limit has been reduced within school zones in the City of Burbank.

From the press release:

“In November of 2018, an ordinance was adopted in Burbank to reduce the speed limit of residential streets in school zones from 25 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour. In accordance with section 22358.4 of the California Vehicle Code, the ordinance was adopted following an engineering and traffic survey. The speed limits reinforced by new warnings signs that indicate a speed limit of either 25 or 15 miles per hour in school zones while children are going to or leaving school, during school hours or the noon recess period.”

The reduced speed limit is an effort to improve safety near schools in the City of Burbank by requiring motorists to slow down and be cautious when driving through or near school zones, especially when children are present.

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