Schools Install Murals at Burbank Town Center

Schools Install Murals at Burbank Town Center

Burbank Town Center is thrilled to partner with Burbank Unified School District’s Burbank Arts for All Foundation and bring a flurry of new student-created murals to our center! The foundation’s mission is to provide all students with equal access to quality arts education that also nurtures a balanced approach to life. Their programs help to develop 21st century skills for any career path that students choose while also enriching the creative economy in Burbank.

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"On Saturday, March 3, students from Providencia Elementary, Brett Hart Elementary, Jordan Middle School, and Burbank High School installed interactive murals on the third level of the Burbank Town Center. Art classes from schools in the district have worked together to add color to the mall as it undergoes refurbishments. The 6 ft. x 8 ft. murals vary in themes, showcasing the artistic styles of the students. One mural depicts a political message about equality, while another depicts a flying saucer hovering over a cornfield."

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