Senior Mall Walking at the Town Center: Every Day at 6am

Senior Mall Walking at the Town Center: Every Day at 6am

Calling all seniors – get your body moving with fun, safe, group exercise, right here at the Burbank Town Center!

“If you've spent any time in a mall, you've surely noticed the occasional cluster of walkers, primarily women, dressed in sweat suits and sneakers, panting their way around the place. They're mall walkers-- people who get their exercise at the mall, often before the place opens for business.”
- Annie Baxter, Minnesota Public Radio

If you’ve never tried it before, mall walking is a form of exercise in which groups of people walk or jog through the usually long corridors of shopping malls. Our location opens at 6 a.m. so that people may mall walk. Our stores and most other facilities won’t be open, though vending machine concessions and restrooms will be available.

There are many advantages to mall walking versus walking out on Burbank city streets. First, being indoors, the mall is complete climate controlled and comfortable. Second, plentiful benches, toilets, and water fountains, allowing for a comprehensive walking experience. Lastly, the mall’s clean and level surfaces provide a safe walking environment without hills, gravel, curbs, or any sort of uneven surface.

We hope to see you for a walk soon!

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